Kevin Plaxco

Associate Director, CBE
Professor, Chemistry & Biochemistry

3002 BioE
In-vivo molecular measurements, anyone?

Beth L. Pruitt

Director, CBE
Professor of ME, of BMSE, and of MCDB

3108 BioE
The Pruitt Lab develops microtechnologies for cellular mechanobiology and mechanical measurements to study how mechanics mediates biological signaling.

Cherie Briggs

Ecology, Evolution, and Marine Biology

2112 Noble Hall
Dr. Briggs’ research combines modeling and experiments to understand the factors affecting the dynamics of animal populations.

Otger Campas

Associate Professor
Mellichamp Chair in Systems Biology and Bioengineering

3004 Bioengineering
The Campas Lab studies the role of mechanics in shaping embryonic tissues and organs, as well as the relation between the genetic and mechanical control of embryonic development.

Dennis Clegg

Professor, Wilcox Family Chair in BioMedicine
Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology

5125 Biology II
Human stem cell research; Molecular mechanisms of stem cell differentiation; Derivation of ocular cells from stem cells; Soft tissue regeneration.

Siddharth Dey

Assistant Professor
Chemical Engineering

3008 BioE
The goal of our lab is to develop novel single-cell sequencing technologies to understand how variability in the epigenome regulates gene expression heterogeneity and cell fate decisions.

Adele Doyle

Assistant Professor
Mechanical Engineering

3110 BioE
We study molecular circuits controlling how stem and differentiating cells respond to physical cues.

Deborah K. Fygenson

Associate Professor

2419 Broida
The sub-cellular biological world is full of phenomena that challenge physical intuition: single-molecule machines, self-assembling architectures and spontaneous information processing.

Craig Hawker

Materials, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Director, California NanoSystems Institute

3005 MRL
Materials science that integrates fundamental studies with the development of nanostructured systems with advanced properties and functions.

Jamey Marth

Carbon Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Mellichamp Professor of Systems Biology
Director, Center for Nanomedicine, Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute and UCSB

2324 Life Sciences
Nanomedicine in Biomedical Discovery, Diagnosis, and Therapeutics that Target the Molecular and Cellular Origins of Disease.

Arnab Mukherjee

Assistant Professor
Chemical Engineering

3349 ENGR II
Our research focuses on engineering genetic reporters for imaging what we think of as the "dark matter" of biology - living systems that cannot be readily imaged using existing reporter gene techniques.

Michelle O'Malley

Associate Professor
Chemical Engineering

3343 Engineering II
Genetic engineering and synthetic biology of non-model microorganisms.

Sumita Pennathur

Associate Professor
Mechanical Engineering

3231C ESB
Development and Understanding of Electrokinetic Micro/Nanofluidic Technology for Bioanalytical Applications.

Linda Petzold

Mehrabian Distinguished Professor
Computer Science
Mechanical Engineering

3106 BioEngineering
Modeling, simulation and data analytics of multiscale systems in biology and medicine.

Philip Pincus

Materials and Physics

The Pincus group is presently concerned with theoretical problems in the physics of multicomponent fluids, including polymer solutions, colloidal dispersions, microemulsions, vesicles, and other surfactant phases.

Omar Saleh


3006 BioE
Saleh's research is focused on the molecular physics underlying biological systems, with particular experience in nucleic acids, protein/DNA interactions, biomolecular elasticity, and self-assembled biomolecular systems.

Spencer Smith

Associate Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Co-Director, Brain Initiative
Advisory Board, Neuroscience Research Institute

We're generally interested in how the brain works, at the level of neurons and synapses.

Ryan Stowers

Assistant Professor

Engineering biomaterials to probe questions in mechanobiology.

Luke Theogarajan

Associate Professor
Electrical & Computer Engineering

Theogarajan is interested in the marriage between materials, electronics and micro/nanofabrication as a means of developing new devices and tools for medical applications.

Megan Valentine

Associate Professor
Mechanical Engineering

2361C Engineering II
Prof. Valentine’s research focuses on the mechanics of cells and tissues and the design of bio-inspired materials.

Max Wilson

Assistant Professor
Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology

We use photo-switchable proteins from plants to understand and control complex cellular behaviors.

Enoch Yeung

Assistant Professor
Mechanical Engineering

3104 BioE
How does life perform computation?


Elizabeth Jensen

CBE Assistant Director
Business Officer

1104 BioE
Oversees department operations: Budget & Finance, Academic Personnel, Human Resources, Gifts, Procurement, Student Affairs.

Angelina Toporov

Graduate Advisor & Emphasis Coordinator

1106 BioE
Responsible for coordinating the Ph.D. Optional Bioengineering Emphasis and student affairs advising. Also responsible for student outreach, publicity, and seminar & travel coordination.