Interdisciplinary PhD Emphasis in Bioengineering

The optional PhD bioengineering emphasis for doctoral students already enrolled at UCSB in both engineering and science departments and programs was approved for implementation Fall 2013. The new emphasis includes structured curriculum aimed at teaching biology to physical scientists at several levels (molecular, cellular, and tissue) as well as both a student-run and invited seminar series aimed at providing a community for students engaged in bioengineering related research on campus. The new courses are open to all graduate students interested in bioengineering.

List of participating departments, programs, and faculty

Application Procedure for PhD Emphasis in Bioengineering

Emphasis Courses - Required Courses and Offerings and Course Descriptions

For more information, please contact Angelina Toporov, Graduate Advisor & Emphasis Coordinator for the optional bioengineering emphasis.

Bioengineering Course Offerings

Additionally, CBE faculty teach bioengineering related courses, both undergraduate and graduate, in many departments and programs across both engineering and the sciences at UCSB including Chemical Engineering, Chemistry/Biochemistry, Materials Sciences, Molecular/Cellular/Developmental Biology, Physics, Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering.

Spring 2019 Bioengineering related courses

ALL Bioengineering related courses

CBE continues to explore additional avenues to advance bioengineering education at UCSB.