Henley gate at night. Credit: Tony Mastres
Credit: Tony Mastres

 Equity, Diversity, Inclusivity, and Wellness

Aligned with the core mission of the University of California, the Biological Engineering Program at UC Santa Barbara aims to foster an academic climate that not only celebrates diversity but also actively dismantles institutional and systemic barriers to diversity at individual and institutional levels. As a department, we are committed to educating our community on issues of justice, equity, diversity and inclusion, to supporting community and individual well-being, and to providing equitable access and opportunities to all.


UCSB launched its new Biological Engineering PhD Program in Fall 2022 and was proud to welcome its inaugural cohort for the 2022-2023 academic year! Applications are now open for new graduate students to matriculate in Fall 2024.

This PhD Program at the interface of Engineering and the Sciences benefits from the strong, collaborative relationships that already exist across these communities at UCSB. The PhD Program provides didactic and research training supporting depth and breadth of knowledge and expertise within Biological Engineering. This program draws interdisciplinary strengths from biophysics, biomaterials, biomolecular discovery, and computational and experimental systems biology.

The application of engineering principles, novel technologies and models is rapidly advancing the science of biology and biomedicine. Similarly, the science of biology provides an increasingly deep and inspiring source of new concepts, mechanisms and materials for application across engineering disciplines. Researchers in Biological Engineering are combining engineering from biology and engineering for biology to make fundamental scientific advances and transition discoveries to applications in medicine and biotechnology.

 Application Deadline

December 15th

 Graduate Advisor


 Virtual Q&A for Prospective Students

Fall 2023: Monday, October 9th & 30th, 4-5pm PST - (webinar link)