Beth L. Pruitt

Professor and Chair of Bioengineering
Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Director, NSF Research Training Program in Data Driven Biology
Director, NIH T32 Training Program in Quantitative Mechanobiology
Biomolecular Science and Engineering Program

3108 BioE
The Pruitt Lab studies how mechanics mediates biological signaling using microtechnologies for cellular mechanobiology and mechanical measurements.

Marley Dewey

Assistant Professor of Bioengineering

3110 BioEngineering
Engineering Cellular Signals for Regenerative Medicine

Siddharth Dey

Associate Professor of Bioengineering
Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering

3008 BioE
The goal of our lab is to develop novel single-cell sequencing technologies to understand how variability in the epigenome regulates gene expression heterogeneity and cell fate decisions.

Dorit Hanein

Professor of Bioengineering
Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Office: PSNB 4619 Labs:CHEM 1126, 1135A

The Hanein Lab is exploring the complexities of the macromolecular machines that drive our biological processes—these include our immune

Carolyn Mills

Assistant Professor of Bioengineering

Focuses on molecular engineering of proteins that control spatial organization in biological systems, with applications in plastic remediation and oral vaccine delivery.

Arnab Mukherjee

Assistant Professor of Bioengineering
Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering

3349 ENGR II
Our research focuses on engineering genetic reporters for imaging what we think of as the "dark matter" of biology - living systems that cannot be readily imaged using existing reporter gene techniques.

Michelle O'Malley

Vice Chair of Bioengineering
Professor of Bioengineering
Professor of Chemical Engineering
Scholle Chair in Chemical Engineering

3343 Engineering II
Genetic engineering and synthetic biology of non-model microorganisms.

Kevin Plaxco

Professor of Chemistry & Biochemistry
Professor of Bioengineering
Biomolecular Science and Engineering Program

3002 BioE
In-vivo molecular measurements, anyone?

Ryan Stowers

Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Engineering biomaterials to probe questions in mechanobiology.

Yon Visell

Associate Professor of Bioengineering, and of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Media Arts and Technology Graduate Program
Mechanical Engineering

2213 Elings Hall
Haptics, Robotics, Tactile Sensing, Soft Electronics, Soft Robotics, Bioinspired Systems, Computational Acoustics

Niels Volkmann

Professor of Biongineering
Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Biomolecular Science and Engineering

Focuses on the development and application of innovative new computational, artificial intelligence, and data science tools to bridge information between the atomic and cellular scales, covering more than six orders of magnitude from Ångstroms to tens of microns