What is Center for Bioengineering?

The CBE is an official ORU (Organized Research Unit) coordinating and advancing educational initiatives. CBE is unique as a Center because we are involved in both research and education in Bioengineering at UCSB.

Is there a Department of Bioengineering on Campus?

No. Not at this time.

Is there an undergraduate major or graduate degree in Bioengineering at UCSB

No. Not at this time.

Will there be a degree offered in Bioengineering in the future? If so, when?

Yes, We are currently working on establishing a Biological Engineering Graduate Degree program at UCSB. The degree program should be in place between 2-3 years.

How can a Graduate Student add the optional Ph.D. Bioengineering emphasis?

Graduate students who are interested in the Optional Graduate Emphasis in bioengineering can apply to the Emphasis. Go to our How to Apply page.

Can an undergraduate student customize their degree program for bioengineering?

Yes, as permitted by your elective time and in coordination with your home department academic advisor.

Also, undergraduate students can perform independent research with faculty that may be related to Bio-E, attend Bio-E seminars and participate in Bioengineering related co-curriculum.

Are there recommended curriculum tracks for undergraduates interested in engineering?

No. CBE posts an annually updated list of bioengineering related undergraduate technical course electives.

Besides classes, how can I learn more about bioengineering as an undergraduate?
  • Weekly CBE/Bioengineering seminars, Career Talks, and Bioengineering Industry Showcases
  • Check out our Events page on the CBE website
  • Get involved with bioengineering-relevant student groups (e.g., Society for Biological Engineering, Engineers Without Borders, Engineering World Health, and BMES Student Chapter)
  • Contact a professor to get involved with undergraduate research
  • Pursue internships and volunteer work related to bioengineering
Can I pursue graduate study in Bioengineering if I do not have a B.S. in Bioengineering?

Yes, see prospective programs for details on their pre-requisites.

Who should I talk to if I have further questions?

Contact Angelina Toporov with (CBE) Center for Bioengineering or if you are interested in finding out how to join the BMES Student Chapter, atoporov@engineering.ucsb.edu; Dan Morse, Advisor in the (SBE) Society for Biological Engineering, d_morse@lifesci.ucsb.edu; Engineers Without Borders, EWB (Engineers Without Borders), ewb.ucsbgauchos@gmail.com