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Title: Emergent Actin Flows Explain Distinct Modes of Gliding Motility

Abstract:  The lives and forms of parasitic organisms showcase striking mechanobiology and biophysical phenomena.

Title: Evolving enzymes for biocatalysis and gene editing

Abstract:  Enzymes catalyze chemical transformations with exquisite selectivity.

Title: Toward Microbial Ecosystem Engineering: Lessons from the Ocean, Soil, and Human Skin Microbiomes

Abstract: Microbial community biotechnologies - designed to harness synthetic consortia or manipulate wild natural ones - hold tremendous promise for climate change mitigation and the broader bioeconomy.  

Title: Harnessing microbial metabolism for human health, flavor, and sustainability.

Abstract:  Microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi inhabit virtually every corner of the planet, including
the human gastrointestinal tract and many of the foods we love. 

Title: Nanomaterials and Nanosystems for Biomedical Applications

Abstract:  Nanotechnology allows for the unique design and functionalization of materials and devices at the nanometer scale for a variety of applications.

Title: Engineering Spatial Organization in Biology via Protein-Driven Phase Separation and Assembly

Abstract:  Engineering biology efforts have yielded remarkable progress towards addressing emerging societal challenges in areas from sustainability to human health.

Title: Synthetic glycobiology: designing and engineering glycomolecules inside and outside of cells

Abstract:  Complex carbohydrates, or glycans, are involved in almost every human disease and biological process.

Title: New tools for multi-modal precision measurement of single cells

Abstract: The study of biology at the single-cell level has relied on the development of precision measurement tools.

Title: Engineering Biomaterials and Matrix Signals for Repair of Large-scale Bone Defects

Abstract:  Biomaterial strategies to repair craniomaxillofacial (CMF) defects, or large-scale bone defects, require materials which can provide structural support, resist infection, and provide cellular signals to promote bone formation.