BioEngineering COVID-19 Operations

In March 2020, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, all laboratories at UC Santa Barbara were closed, allowing access only to essential workers to maintain critical laboratory functions. We are now in the process of a staged reopening, allowing select researchers to resume some on-campus research activity. The links below provide information and resources for researchers seeking access to the BioEngineering Building. Please check this page regularly, as policies and protocols are updated frequently.

 BioEngineering Building Access

Starting January 3, 2022, the BioEngineering Building will be unlocked. The building will be open without key-card access.  The building will be open from 6:00 AM-midnight (including weekends). Prior to entry, please read the appropriate Standard Operating Procedures which contain important information regarding the preconditions for campus work, protocols for entry/exit, sanitation procedures, etc. Each laboratory will maintain a separate SOP and training protocol – please contact each PI prior to the start of work.

All persons must sign up for and complete the Daily Wellness Assessment before entering the building.

In addition, all persons must review the COVID-19 Risk Mitigation presentation from the Office of Research.

Campus visitors must read the Covid-19 Interim Visitors Protocol.

All campus visitors must use the on-demand screening survey. 

Reporting Guidelines




 Retrieving Packages

Visits to retrieve packages from BioEngineering 2001 need not be scheduled in advance, however, all researchers should follow social distancing rules, and only 1 person should be in the room at a time. If someone is in the room when another person scans in, the second person will wait at the entry way until the first person leaves.

 Questions and Concerns

If you have a concern regarding working conditions, protocols, compliance, or any suggestions for things that could be improved, please let us know by emailing or you may also email your PI directly.