Information for Fellows

Fellow Fund Usage


When purchasing items, you must go through Gateway or in rare cases you must get an itemized receipt that shows payment method (e.g. CC number) and your name for reimbursement. You must get Elizabeth Jensen's approval before purchasing items with your own CC or cash and requesting reimbursement.

Gateway Orders: You all have access to Gateway (GW). Use your UCSBNetID and password to log in. If you've never used GW before, but want/need to purchase something, click here for step-by-step directions. If you're still having issues, call or e-mail elizabeth.jensen [at] (Elizabeth Jensen) for assistance. Once you receive your packages, send Elizabeth Jensen the packing slip included with your order (send through campus mail to Elizabeth Jensen, CBE MC5170 or drop off at her office or mailbox) and log onto Gateway and create a quantity receipt to confirm you received all of your items in good condition. 

Gateway object and commodity code cheat sheet

Other departments have created Gateway help documents that may be helpful to you. Their pages are linked below.

Department Recharge: Contact elizabeth.jensen [at] (Elizabeth Jensen) with the department whose resource you would like to use, how long you expect to use the facility (monthly/bimonthly/annually), and estimated expenses for the duration of time. Elizabeth will provide you with the recharge number.

Useful department links (note: these facilities and stores require recharge numbers):

Chem storeroom (we have to set you up before you can purchase here)

Physics storeroom

Poster printing: ITST or CNSi

Machine Shops: Physics, Bio, Chem & BioChem

CNSi facilities

NRI Facilities

Shared Instrumentation (list of facilities and instruments on campus availabel to all on campus)

Shipments: If you need something shipped on your fellow funds, use Gateway to create a UPS or FedEx shipping form (FedEx is recommended for dry ice items). A shipping label will be e-mailed to you once the PO has been processed. For directions on how to create a UPS or FedEx PO, click here


  • -If you plan to use your funds to cover travel, provide elizabeth.jensen [at] (Elizabeth Jensen) with the trip you plan to take, tell her how it's related to research or professional development, and let her know what expenses you think you will incur (provide her with a simple budget).
  • -Rules for what travel expenses can and cannot be reimbursed can be found here.
  • -If you need CBE to purchase flights or a car rental on your behalf, contact elizabeth.jensen [at] (Elizabeth Jensen). If CBE purchases your flights and/or car rental, you do not need to get insurance using the link above.
  • -Make sure all of your receipts include the method of payment: last four of CC and if possible, some form of your name. If your receipt doesn't include name and last four of CC, we'll need a copy of your CC statement. If you forgot or lost a receipt, but the charge is on your credit card, also bring a completed and signed declaration of missing evidence form.
  • -If you're getting reimbursed for mileage of your own car, no receipts are needed. Provide miles traveled, your license plate number, and confirm you have liability insurance.
  • -If getting reimbursed for gas (e.g. using PI's group car, but you are paying for gas or you rented a car), we do need the receipts proving you paid (last four of CC needed on receipt).
  • -Alcohol is not reimbursable.
  • -In addition to your travel and transportation, accommodations, conference registration fees (if any), and meals, you can use your fellow funds to pay for the association membership. This is done through Gateway by placing a Flexcard Auth. request on Gateway. Contact elizabeth.jensen [at] (Elizabeth Jensen) if you need assistance placing a request.

Vehicle Rentals
-You must go through Connexxus so we can make sure you get university covered insurance. If you do not have access to Connexxus, get in touch with
elizabeth.jensen [at] (Elizabeth Jensen) and she will reserve a car on your behalf. 

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