CBE/ENGR 225 Faculty Seminar Series Presents: Richard M. Crooks, Ph.D., Robert A. Welch Chair of Chemistry, Department of Chemistry, The University of Texas at Austin, Tues., March 13, 2018 @ 4pm in ESB #2001

Tues., March 13, 2018, ESB #2001

Center for Bioengineering Presents: 

Richard M. Crooks, Ph.D.
Robert A. Welch Chair of Chemistry

Department of Chemistry

The University of Texas at Austin

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

ESB #2001


*Light refreshments will be provided*

Host: Kevin Plaxco 

Quantitative electrochemical detection of biological analytes at sub-picomolar levels using a simple paper sensor 

ABSTRACT:The objective of the project described in this presentation is the creation of new, low-cost, appropriately sensitive paper universal diagnostic devices for the electrochemical detection of analytes ranging from biological weapons to DNA to biomarkers characteristic of organ failure in the human body. To address this goal, we initiated development of a sensor using a magnetic microbead supported silver nanoparticle metalloimmunoassay. The device integrates picomolar affinity antibodies (or DNA) with an easily handled, but sophisticated, electrochemical detection platform. This sensor exhibits quantitative detection of analytes present at picomolar levels using non-enzymatic signal amplification. Total assay time is ~5 min.  In addition to these positive attributes, there are at least an equal number of problems that remain to be resolved.  These will be discussed in terms of a basic science enquiry into the processes of galvanic exchange (replacement) and antibody activity on metal nanoparticles.