CBE Co-sponsored Seminar: Angela Belcher, Ph.D., James Crafts Professor, Biological Engineering and Materials Science & Engineering, Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research

Wednesday, October 4, 2017, in Elings #1605 @ 12:00

Angela Belcher:


A Career Journey through Academia

Angela Belcher, James Mason Crafts Professor, Professor of Materials Science and Engineering, and Professor of Bioengineering


at Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Dr. Belcher will share insights on the path she took from UCSB student to materials scientist and biological engineer at MIT. Dr. Belcher’s research blends biomaterials, engineering, and synthetic biology to harness nature’s own processes in order to design technologically important materials and devices for energy, the environment, and medicine. She’s been featured in Time magazine, is a MacArthur Fellow and was named research leader by Scientific American in 2006.


Speaker Bio: Prof. Belcher attended UCSB for her undergraduate and graduate degrees. She obtained her B.S. in Biology from the College of Creative Studies in 1991 and her PhD in Chemistry in 1997, unraveling the ways in which proteins can direct the material properties of minerals. Belcher joined the MIT faculty in 2001 as Professor in the Departments of Biological Engineering and Materials Science & Engineering.



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